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Kathy McFarland

Kathy McFarland founded Mind the Gap Worldwide in 2014.  She is co-founder of Fiftyfilms, a film production company in Salt Lake City, Utah. Kathy was Chief Accounting Officer for the feature film 'My Girlfriend's Boyfriend' and for 'Highway to Dhampus'. 
She graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance and has received her certification from the University of Utah Non-Profit Academy.  She adores her 5 children.


Kelsey Daniels

After working as a Line Producer, Production Manager, Assistant Director, and Producing over 25 features, various television series and hundreds of commercials, Kelsey has added Directing to her resume.  After graduating  from the University of Utah with an emphasis in Directing, her first short film, "The Date" premiered at the Salt Lake City Film Festival.  She now has her sights set on capturing the experience of one young woman as she journeys back to her home country of Nepal.


Trent Jones

Majoring in Media Production, Trent has experience in all phases of the creative process.  With every project, he tries to improve his skills and deliver a finished product that exceeds expectations, keeping him at the top of the cutting edge. His most recent work includes commercial and non-broadcast pieces for clients such as Cisco, Intel, Verizon, Pluralsight, Sam's Club, Exxon, Salesforce, and The Wonderment. While editing, Trent constantly look for ways to tell the story in a more concise and creative way.


Rick McFarland

A SLC Director, DP, and co-founder of production company, fiftyfilms, Rick has a wide range of experience in documentaries, features, and commercials. His work has brought him all over the world to places such as India, Nepal, Australia, China, Brazil, Europe, etc. Rick's ability to adapt in a wide range of environments and his love and enthusiasm to understand the rich and colorful cultures of the world are what drives him as a storyteller to create and share stories like this

Dan has over sixteen years in the film industry, having graduated with a degree in film and an emphasis in documentary production. For two years, he was a Peace Corp volunteer in Guinea. He traveled around the country for a four weeks long documentary about AIDS associations. Dan has worked on a number of documentaries including one about microcredit featuring Muhammad Yunus, founder of the Grameen Bank.

Dan Fredley

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