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Our Partner:
Mind The Gap Worldwide

Mind the Gap Worldwide (MTGW) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded to alert everyone to the good that can be done to help bridge the gap for people living without basic necessities. Mind the Gap Worldwide focuses on projects that help people secure six things: clean water, food, clothing, and shelter, as well as access to education, and health care.



Aastha, a nineteen-year-old economic development student at Brigham Young University, emigrated with her family from Nepal to the United States five years ago. Born into a life of privilege, she did not recognize that gender inequality existed in her home country. In Nepal, women are considered “unclean” and are-from birth-unwanted. They receive little opportunity for education, which inhibits future opportunities and growth. 

Recent developments of women’s rights throughout the world demonstrates that women are an important part of any community. Women continue to show professional skills, and make wonderful, important contributions to society. We seek to understand the deeper intricacies of this issue in the lives of Native Nepalese and to empower women to better their lives.



fiftyfilms, in partnership with Mind the Gap, will document Aastha’s trip back to Nepal. As she revisits Nepal she brings with her a fresh perspective. She is more aware of the complexities of her culture. While there we will record her experiences as she explores and interviews people. By asking questions such as “Why does gender inequality exist in Nepal?” “What are the root causes?” and “How can we empower women?” We hope to gain a better understanding of the needs of women in Nepal, and how we can help empower them.

Through this documentary, we will bring awareness of gender inequality to our audience. We wish to speak not only to women in Nepal, but also the men, societies, governments, and decision makers who influence rights there. Women are an important part of the community, we wish to show that everyone deserves a right to education, and other opportunities that improve oneself.  Further, we hope this film influences potential donors worldwide to support us in our efforts to make this transformation.  




As Aastha explores gender inequality in Nepal through observations and interviews, we hope to discover people with stories they are willing to share. Through these genuine experiences, we hope to show the effects of gender inequality.  

We hope that this project will influence our audience to make a change in his or her own capacity: the women of Nepal to push for education, local governments to establish laws that support gender equality, and philanthropists to contribute time and donations to support our efforts. 

Ultimately, we hope that these changes will improve the economic status of Nepal. The 2015 earthquake that devastated this country left many residents in poverty, still to this day. We hope that as equal rights are implemented and more women become educated, more jobs will be created and filled, benefiting individual homes with added income, and society as whole. 

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fiftyfilms, The Production Company

fiftyfilms provides filmmaking services to commercial, not-for-profit and government organizations. Our video production capabilities include mobilizing the right people, skills and technologies to help organizations make an impact through visual communication and storytelling. fiftyfilms is committed to excellence when creating inspiring and high-quality videos for clients.  fiftyfilms shot the award-winning feature film in Nepal, Highway to Dhampus.

What sets our team apart from the competition?

  • Our people

  • Cinematic-quality

  • Seamless workflow

  • Established team

  • Client interaction

  • High-end equipment

  • Artistic skills

  • Technical skills


Take a journey with Aastha back to her home country, Nepal

Aastha has not been home for five years. Returning to Nepal, she is excited to rediscover the place of her childhood: a place noted as one of the happiest countries in the world, a place that taught her to respect, serve, and love.


As Aastha returns to Nepal and it’s rich culture and traditions, she brings some questions with her. She wonders, why are women treated any differently from men in any aspect of life? Why are they not given the same opportunities that men are given? What needs to change so that women can benefit from the same opportunities? And, most importantly, what can be done to make the change?  


Take a journey with Aastha as she seeks answers. Explore the experiences of men and women who have been inspired to fight fear, find their voices, speak out, pursue education, hold onto hope and, ultimately, create a change in Nepal in this fiftyfilms documentary, My Name is Aastha.

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